Quinn – Thirst For Justice:

How does a decorated Irish Ranger end up living in America as a highly-skilled international assassin? It was what Quinn wanted, and what he thought he’d be doing for the rest of his life. Until fate thrust two innocent children into his path.

Someone had put out a contract on ten-year-old Charlie McAndrew and his sister Sophie. The FBI was getting nowhere. Valuable time and resources were being squandered trying to catch Quinn for past crimes instead of worrying about a sinister organisation willing to go to any lengths to protect itself from exposure.

Quinn could have walked away. Was he really willing to gamble his freedom on saving the lives of two kids he’d never met before? It was a no-brainer for the tough former Special Forces operative. He knew deep down that he was the best hope of keeping the two orphans alive. Without him, they would be dead within 48 hours.

So he stayed. What followed was a dangerous and soul-searching journey that changed Quinn in a way he never thought possible.

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